Are Women the Superior Gender?

Are Women the Superior Gender? has convincingly dealt with the topic of gender identity in a way that no other work has done before. Defining the role of scientists in our lives and taking them to task on their fallible theories that have led to negative effects on gender relations and, subsequently, the lives of women. Scientific data was used to debunk old postulations and put to rest any prevailing notion, moral attributes aside, of inferiority when comparing females to their male counterparts.




....Through Her Eyes

A young girl and her family were caught up in the revolution of 1980s China. Through her royal lineage and status, they were able to fight a system that was designated to eradicate the ruling classes of society and return to a communist regime.



....A Job-like Mission

From the author of 'Are Women the Superior Gender?' comes a rivetingly true story of greed, betrayals, and great lost. For the subjects, it covers a treacherous journey through tremendous adversities and several attempts at their lives as they endeavor to fulfill a promise once made...




The Necessary Sins

As humans, we should endeavor to not succumb to transgressions. However, because we are humans, we oftentimes do. The Necessary Sins is a literary work of anecdotes on how to maneuver a life while not sin-free.... not immoral.