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To Our Devoted Readers,

The Edwards Twin Sisters have both just suffered severe food poisoning where they reside in Wakefield, Bronx, New York. We ask for your urgent prayers as they battle to overcome this latest attack.

We want to take the time out to thank you, our readers, for your unwavering support of our books evidenced by your visit to our site. Here is a list of countries logged. Please forgive us if you are missing in the log as we try to capture everyone. Also, our explanation for no contact to-date is because our email accounts have all been taken over and the two (so.nordic@aim. com and we have left are infiltrated. For example in our icloud email account under devices we have seen different apple computers logged into the account sitting there waiting for your email to delete them. As for the so.nordic email, after syncing to our cell it would highlight that 10 email were received and after searching for them in inbox, spam and junk etc., they seemed to have dissappeared. Therefore, we know you are trying to contact us but because of these outstanding issues we have not been able to communicate with any of you.

We have been informed by our Registrar that privatization of our URLs' information is mandatory. However, since there have been several attempts to steal our URLs, we have provided the ownership information on the WHOIS page to help not to facilitate any ambiguity about who the true owner (Sherril Edwards), of the URLs is.

We at The Greater Books, LLC want to remind you, our readers, that we have no way for you to contact us at this time. In fact, we have never had any response from any of you, our readers, for the more than six years (May 2012), that we have been offering our Reality/Live Books. Therefore, any contact purported to be us would be false and we caution you not to respond.

In the meantime, we ask for your prayers since we've had several systematic attempts at our lives and we pray that we will be able to bring our books for you to continue to enjoy reading. No other persons or entity (including family members, estranged or otherwise), but the Edwards Twin Sisters have the right to speak for the books, the invention or the company.

We at The Greater Books, LLC have reached the conclusion that there are no pending Federal investigation being conducted on our behalf, with regards to the theft of all our books sales to-date, since we've dropped off critical evidence at the different Federal Agencies with no feedback. However, we'll continue to entertain you so you can 'read your books and live them too!'

Sincerely yours,

Owners: The Edwards Twin Sisters
The Greater Books, LLC